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The product name:IP23 stainless steel removable housing

Update time:2020-05-26 14:39:13

Product details



The beautiful and durable stainless steel aluminum alloy shell provides further protection for the transformer, and the protection grade is IP20 and IP23. The IP20 housing prevents solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 12mm from entering and ensures the operation of the transformer. The IP23 enclosure prevents water droplets within 60 degrees of the vertical line from flowing in. Note: The IP23 enclosure will reduce the cooling capacity of the transformer, with a smaller capacity drop of about 5 percent and a larger capacity drop of about 10 percent. High-voltage and low-voltage can be used in the conventional in-out line method or cable in-out line method. According to user requirements, we can design and manufacture protective shells of other protection grades or materials.

Dry-type transformer protection

Temperature control, temperature display

The temperature control system consists of a temperature controller and a PTC temperature measuring element installed at the upper end of the low-voltage winding of the product, which realizes the temperature measurement and control of the transformer. The alarm signal, when forced air cooling is adopted, the temperature controller determines the input or switching of the cooling fan according to the temperature of the winding. The temperature display system directly displays the hot spot temperature of the winding during the operation of the transformer, and can be used in conjunction with the temperature control system.

Special Design

In addition to the conventional epoxy resin insulated dry-type power transformers, our company also produces isolation transformers, rectifier transformers, grounding transformers and other products with special requirements to meet the requirements of different users.

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